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Hello, World

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The obligatory first post, the getting started. Just saying “hello”, discussing why I launched on Ocotopress instead of Drupal, and the value of getting out of your comfort zone.

I have an obsession with wondering how individuals, usually of the similar, driven mind, like mine get started. What I arrived at is that eventually it will not matter. Started becomes an after thought–the past–to the present. What matters is doing and what we are doing.

I’ve been trying and stumbling to write regularly. A vast amount of the difficulty deals with the divide between personal and work. Realizing that I won’t get my stride from the get go, I’ve finally reached the point where I am genuinely excited to write and experiment in this medium.

Powered by Octopress not Drupal

I’ve been predominately working with Drupal for the last 3-years. As a technologist we need to feed our minds. While I really love and respect the values of the Drupal project, if I only work in a silo I will be a bad technologist–especially as a front-end developer.

Cleaner, easier to work with HTML5

A lot of my time in Drupal, especially as a themer, is spent wrangling Drupal to overide its ugly markup. I don’t want to spend my time fighting for clean-markup. I just want to write it and not have to worry about how another module, read developer, is returning output. Drupal 8 is going to be a big step forward for the project. However, given the development cycle for Drupal 7 took 3 years, it doesn’t look like HTML5 in core will happen soon. I hope the project can find a way to adopt more lean methodology and release more often.

HTML5 is the now. By spending less time fighting markup, I have more time to contribute back and make a difference where it matters, at the core level.