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Facebook Owns Your Memories: The Instagram Acquisition

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My pomodoro break landed just as my Twitter stream was starting to buzz with the news: Facebook Buys Instagram to Tune of 1Bil.

I’m definitely psyched for Instagram team–seriously, way to go. (To anyone that follows their dreams). Admittantly, I was looking forward to finally being able to use Instagram, being a Droid user, but now I’ll never use the damn thing. My photos will have have the modern, glossy sheen, or I’ll continue to use one of the other bazillion apps that do just about the same thing but not as…well? elegantly…who knows!

This news comes after a very good article posted by Cathiburns about Facebook in Berlin and Germany.

I’m a Facebook user. My college was one of the original 13 schools–see my pride–on the social network. I can’t let go my profile. And I don’t want to. I have a use case for Facebook–events and contact with friends I don’t see often. But as Facebook has slowly begun to be the IV that feeds the population, I have retreated away from it.

And in the face of today’s acquisition, I couldn’t help but think back to this scene from 1997

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My friend Scott Kellum posted this tweet some minutes after my jestfuly tweet: “people making fun not cool”

Look, I wasn’t poking fun. I hope we realize what it all means, and I don’t think we do. Consumers have very little idea what it means when apps sell their data or use their data. Big Data is all the rage and the masses just dont’ know. I build this stuff. I hear ideas day-in and out “We don’t have a revenue model but we will have Data.”

I’m a bit…well, not scared, just, disappointed.

This tweet also came up during the FB/Instagram tweet fest and it really touched my soul. Obama has recently signed a bill that will make it easier to invest in the future of our country. I hope that this leads to more companies for good. That work is far less sexy and definitely underfunded.

Hopefully the behemouths catch up. Schools wont’ be able to continue their blocked walls because we all know what is on the other side. Much like the fall of the Berlin wall. I’m optimistic that balance is on its way, even if today’s news shows otherwise.